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São Tomé e Príncipe is a perfect place to discover on your own, or with the additional insider’s view of a local guide. If you are interested in history, visit the famous roças, hidden plantation cities within the tropical moutains. Or dive into the warm Atlantic waters, maybe snorkeling at Lagoa Azul or Deep Sea Diving at 30m steep rocks of Sete Pedras. If you are into gastronomy, try some organic cocoa or coffee, visit the chocolate factory, have a beach dinner of relax at one of the colonial cafés. And if you need some adrenaline, we do surfing here, too. Plus all kinds of water sports.

See traditional villages of the fishermen or in the islands green mountains.

Discover what mother nature offered on a guided hiking tour.

Water sports, surfing, diving, fun sports, deep sea fishing. Everything is possible.

Hidden agricultural cities in the tropical green: Our ancient “Roças”.

Bird watching, turtle watching, whale watching. Dive into pure nature.

Unique gastronomy, which melts the savours of the continents.

Truely unique culture. Or did you ever see Tchiloli or Auto de Floripes before?

Romantic holidays for two. Lonesome beaches, warm water, tropical moments.

Organic sun dried coffee, hand made chocolate from ancient plants. Yummie.

Discover a mix of African, European, Brazilian and Jewish history.

Discover São Tomé e Príncipe with one of these certified guides, recommended by the National Tourism Board. In order to reserve your guided tour or hiking trip, please contact any of the local travel agencies.

Certified guides

Find here all the certified guides, recommended by the São Tomé e Príncipe Tourism board.

Admilson Dias de Ramos Afonso

Adriano Pedrosa Flaeiro

Anastacio do Esperíto Santo

Antonio Camuenha Albertoto

Assis Gomes Spencer

Astrogildo Neto da Mota

Bricilim Primo Monteiro Barreto

Carlos Manuel Tavares Menezes

Carlos Martins Horta

Cirilo Cravid Boa Esperança

Dílio Tomé Henriques

Edgener Albertino de Santo

Edley Cunha Sacramento Menezes

Fernando Pinto Sequeira Bragança

Francisco da Graça Alamí

Geldre Gaspar do Espírito

Herlinger Torres F. Gomes

Ildo Lopes Tavares Semedo

Jose Golçalves Borges

José Manuel Spenser dos Reis Sousa

Lan das Neves Atai de Seng

Lance Lima Nanzaré dos Santos

Lucas Lima António

Martinho de Boa Esperança

Nilton de Sousa Viegas Paquete

Osvaldo Boa Morte Lucas

Quimilsungui de Ceita da Conceição

Rabbi Afonso dos Santos

Sidney da Costa Alegre Pinto

Valdimer Vera Cruz Severino

Waciley Ramos Bandeira

Walter Martinho

Wilson Ryland dos Ramos Pires

Professional guides and insider views

Local travel agencies


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